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Volunteer Registration

As a volunteer you will receive the following:

  • Official Tournament Golf Shirt
  • Tournament Hat
  • One (1) Complimentary round of golf at Taberna Country Club
  • Lunch provided for each day worked

Hours Required / Explanation

Volunteer Registration Fee is $30 and to qualify for the round of golf, volunteers must complete a minimum of two assigned shifts.  The shifts will be recorded by the Volunteer Chair so please check in before each of your shifts.

Champions Fore Change Invitational Committee Descriptions

The following are brief descriptions of the volunteer committees available for the 2023 Champions Fore Change Invitational. Specific openings are not guaranteed, but the tournament will make every effort to accommodate your preferences. Please take a moment to review the following requirements before making your final committee selection.

Cart Scorer: Cart Scorers follow a group of players in a cart for the entire round as an unofficial scorekeeper. During the round, they keep unofficial scores and statistics for each player in their group, and, after every hole, cart drivers send scores and statistics to Real-time Scoring via a two-way radio provided by the Tour. Volunteers needed FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Competition Support: Competition Support volunteers are responsible for re-stocking coolers, maintaining receptacles, and preserving the cleanliness of the golf course. Volunteers needed TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Driving Range: Volunteers will assist with distributing the caddie bibs to all caddies as well as ensuring all players have the range balls they need. Volunteers needed FRIDAY & SUNDAY.

Guest Starter: The Guest Starter announces players on the 1st or 10th tee, dispenses scorecards, and gives last minute information to players. Volunteers needed THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Marshal/Spotter: Marshals assist with minimizing the potential distractions caused by fans attending the tournament. They also direct cart traffic in heavily congested areas or on blind approaches to a tee, fairway or green. Spotters act as “forecaddies” or “advance scouts” by assisting the professionals in locating wayward golf shots. Stationed near a fairway or a green, spotters watch each shot and help locate a ball in situations where the player may not have a clear view of the ball’s final resting position. Volunteers needed FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Real-Time Scoring Computer Operator: The Real-time Scoring Computer Operator enters the scores and statistics that have been recorded by the Radio Operator (described below). The data collected is entered in a laptop computer. This position requires dexterity and basic computer knowledge. Volunteers needed FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Real-Time Scoring Radio Operator: The Real-time Scoring Radio Operator answers radio calls from the Cart Scorer who is following each group on the course. The Cart Scorer provides the scores for each player after every hole to the Radio Operator. The Radio Operator records this information on a form provided by the Tour. This information is then entered into a computer by the Computer Operator (described above). The data is then automatically uploaded to the Internet. Volunteers needed  FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Scoreboard & Leaderboards: Scoreboard volunteers receive scores via an iPad and verified scorecards from the Tour staff and post those scores on the Scoreboard. Leaderboard volunteers receive scores via an iPad and continually update the Main or On-Course Leaderboards with the information provided by the iPad. Volunteers needed FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Scoring Tent: Scoring Tent volunteers verify each scorecard in the Scoring Tent after the player has completed their round. Volunteers needed FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Special Events/Pro-Am: Special Event volunteers assist the tournament committee with the management of the various events held prior to tournament play. Events may include the Pro-Am, Player Registration and Junior Clinic. Volunteers needed TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY.

Standard Bearer: Standard Bearers walk the course and carry a standard-bearer sign which includes the names and scores of the players in a specific group. They confirm each player’s score with the Cart Driver and update scores on the sign as play progresses for the entire round of 18 holes. Shifts last as long as it takes to complete the round of golf. Standard Bearers work in two-person teams with one person at a time carrying the standard (standards weigh approx. 10-15 pounds). Volunteers needed SUNDAY.

Volunteer Services: These volunteers greet and register other volunteers, provide general information, and assist with shuttling volunteers to/from their assigned area. Volunteers needed FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.


Volunteer Descriptions